Sunday, May 4, 2014

KONOS: Determination Culmination Night Part 1

These nights are always the most fun for the kids.  They get to decorate, display their handiwork, and share some of what they have learned with their dads & grandparents.  Oh, and eat yummy food too!  So, here is some of the decorating we did.  We had the arctic/ antarctic upstairs and the ocean downstairs.  We also very lightly covered mountains as part of this unit study but didn't get together as a group to learn more about them.  The kids love to get creative and add their own personal touches.  They did most of the decorating and I gave suggestions and helped tape it up.

Arctic/ Antarctic

Now it is time to enter the abyss.  Beware:
 You don't know what creatures lie down there!

Leah wanted to have her dolphin's head look like it 
was popping out above the surface of the water.

They even decided to decorate their bedroom for the fun of it!


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