Thursday, April 23, 2015

Child Labor

Well we have been putting our kids to work and some of it they like and some not so much and they have been a big help but they also make sure they get lots of breaks and free time!  And even Daddy gets in on the fun!

Sam has been a huge help all around and especially with scraping ceilings to the point where scraping ceilings is not so much fun anymore! 

Scrub scrub and scrub some more!

The kids really enjoyed destroying this wall with Daddy & Grandpa!

Hey kids back to work!!

Too cute!

Our driveway has had a lot of thrills and spills!

Daddy is just a tiny bit excited to finally have some land to use his toys on.  But he probably wishes he could be doing more of this than cleaning and remodeling!  I think Jake is enjoying the ride too!

Bryan taking all 5 kids for a 4 Mobile (what Bella calls the 4 Wheeler) ride.

Scootering in the basement.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Construction - I Mean Destruction

Lately it seems more like we are doing a whole lot of destruction instead of construction and we are ready to see our house a little more put together but we still have a long ways to go!  So again we are praying for patience.  But we have been blessed to have family willing to come and help us out and make the house move along a little faster.

Grandpa karate kicking down the wall!!  He showed that wall who was boss!

Grandma patiently peeling off lots of really stuck on tape.  Good times!

More weird walls that need to come down!

Alan & Roberta & Mathew also came to help and take down another wall!

The wall has been defeated!  It is so much nicer and more open without it there!

Leah was really good at getting those stubborn flooring pieces up and she worked a long time on them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New House

We have finally closed on our new home and have been working hard on it for the past few weeks.  We have not moved in yet and we have been very blessed to be able to still rent while we finish working on the house.  It is very exciting and tiring all at the same time and right now more tiring than exciting since it seems like the work will never end and so much of the house is tore up.  But God is good and gracious and we have to be patient and see the good that comes from good ol' hard work!  And He sure is blessing us with a lot of that! My Uncle Alan (who is a contractor) and Aunt Louise have also come been coming a couple days a week to help us with the bigger projects and they are even willing to stay overnight to try and get it done!  We are so thankful!

Beware - Louise is pretty dangerous with that hammer!

The weird half wall in the bathroom is gone!  Hip hip hooray!  The room looks so much bigger without it! 

Alan showing us one of his handyman tricks!


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