Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Construction - I Mean Destruction

Lately it seems more like we are doing a whole lot of destruction instead of construction and we are ready to see our house a little more put together but we still have a long ways to go!  So again we are praying for patience.  But we have been blessed to have family willing to come and help us out and make the house move along a little faster.

Grandpa karate kicking down the wall!!  He showed that wall who was boss!

Grandma patiently peeling off lots of really stuck on tape.  Good times!

More weird walls that need to come down!

Alan & Roberta & Mathew also came to help and take down another wall!

The wall has been defeated!  It is so much nicer and more open without it there!

Leah was really good at getting those stubborn flooring pieces up and she worked a long time on them!

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