Tuesday, September 17, 2013

KONOS: Determination - Expeditions (Arctic/ Antarctic)

"Traveling" to the North & South
 Pole was a true adventure and the kiddos loved every minute of it and got to practice their determination in many areas throughout the day/ weeks.  They couldn't get enough of hearing about all the north and south pole expeditions and the harsh realities of nature the men dealt with to race to be first.  Now of course this led to great discussions on what things are truly worthy of being determined about and giving God the glory for any and all accomplishments we make! (These KONOS posts are still from last school year that I just never got around to posting!  We did this in February!)

Penguin Watercolor Paintings w/ Oil Pastel Outlines


And of course we have to get the silly pictures as well!

And Maddie has to get involved too!

Some pretty pieces of ice Sam found.

Jake's "Endurance" w/ Ernest Shackleton & his fellow shipmates.

The kids on their "arctic expediton".

Oil Pastel Northern Lights Art

Jake "freezing" with his marshmallow igloo.

Plastic Bottle Penguin Art

I love how their are all so unique to each child!
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