Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Work

Here are a few more pictures of some of the work we have done. 

Uncle Alan working hard in the bathroom.

Cousin John working on removing old vinyl flooring.  John has been a huge help and has been at our house almost every day sharing his expertise with us and really helping to move things along and even sharing some jokes along the way!

Daddy trying to get all the squeaks out of the floor.  There sure are a lot!  We ended up having to rip out almost all of the subflooring because of cat urine from the previous owner.

The kids got to have fun and create some "artwork" on the walls in Leah & Maddie's room before we primed and painted.

Painting the ceiling.

Grandma helping trim the primer.  Grandpa & Grandma have really helped us to get a lot of projects done.

Leah & Bella got to help prime the walls which they really enjoyed and Mom had to try to and sit back and let them do it which was pretty hard for me! :)


  1. What a lot of work! But, also, what a lot of helpers! What color will the girls' room be?

  2. You will have to check back on the blog for the reveal! :)



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