Thursday, June 4, 2015

Swim Spa Removal

Well it has been almost a month since our swim spa has been gone!  And we sure did fill up that space already since we moved in last weekend and our living room, kitchen, and office areas are not done yet.  So the sun room is our catch all so it is very good that we  no longer have the swim spa in there.  I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some pictures of how they removed it since we thought it was pretty neat to see.  First we had to remove the patio doors and windows that are one piece.  Uncle Alan did a lot of the work to remove it and then Bryan & John finished it up the night before they came.  So our sunroom sat with just a tarp covering it for a couple of days.  We actually had to damage all the vinyl trim to get it off and it was not a simple project.  But thankfully we had my uncle to help us put it back on properly so it is sealed correctly.  It still needs the trim though.  The swim spa movers came the next morning and it went very smoothly.  They got here early despite being given the number part of our address backwards!  I saw them drive by and said hey maybe that is them since it was a work truck and then they came back later and said that they had seen our long black driveway and remembered the gentleman telling them that and thought it was worth a shot to see if it was the right address since they couldn't get a hold of the gentleman because he was riding a motorcycle and couldn't answer his phone.  The spa movers actually use thin pvc pipe to roll the spa after they jack it up which was quite surprising since that spa is crazy heavy!  They also had to get it over the base part of the doorway which stuck up a little from the rest of the concrete floor but they didn't seem to have any problems and they got it done so quickly that they had to sit around and wait for the tow truck guy since he wasn't scheduled to come until an hour after they came since they don't ever know exactly how hard it will be to get it out.  Getting it on the truck went well too but proved to be more difficult than getting it out of the sunroom.  Almost everyone thought we should keep the swim spa but it is not practical for us and we would rather have the space for other things like books! :)  The kids were a little sad to see it go too.  What kid wouldn't want a big pool in their house?  But they also are enjoying having the space and they love books too!

Bryan & John removing the rest of the door and frame.

Spa Removal Company Owner

The gentleman who bought the spa for his wife.

The spa is out!

We were surprised that with the spa gone it actually made the space seem smaller!

It looks so empty but it certainly is not this empty now!

The kids on the "stage" of our sunroom.

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