Monday, April 25, 2011

KONOS - Trust: Sheep & Weaving Unit

Our first KONOS unit of the 2010-2011 school year was Trust: Sheep & Weaving and the kids really enjoyed it.  There were lots of Bible passages, hymns, and people of the Bible to focus on. A really good devotional that the unit recommends is A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller.  For our read aloud we read Mountain Born which I highly recommend as well.  Here the kids used a Bible passage for their phonics work.  
I found this cute sheep snack idea online to go with our unit.

I also planned our unit at the time that there was a Wool & Sheep Festival nearby.  So, the kids got to see newborn lambs, see a live shearing demonstration, a sheep herding demo., the girls got to learn how to felt, and many other neat things that really helped to cement our lessons.

Part of our unit was to use natural dyes to dye some wool and we used beets, onions, and black beans (don't recommend- but we already had black bean "juice" from making them) to dye.

We belong to a Co-op that is studying American Girls and their time period this year and my daughter had picked Josephina as our girl when it was our turn to host and this went perfectly with our Sheep Unit.  So, we planned it around the same time as our unit and we had everyone practice some weaving among other things from Josephina's time. 
We ordered this free Pendleton Wool Kit online that was recommended on the KONOS yahoo group and it contains a booklet that shows you the process from sheep to clothing with actual pieces of wool, lanolin, fabric, etc.  We also watched a Pendleton Woolen Mills factory youtube video that was very good.  We really enjoyed learning all about sheep & weaving but mostly (what I love about KONOS) about trusting in our Lord & Savior as our Good Shepherd.

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