Thursday, April 28, 2011

KONOS Unit #2: Stewardship - Africa Wk3

For "Week 3" (again we took longer than a week for this "week" in the KONOS Africa book) we focused on being stewards of all the work God has given us and working "as unto the Lord" in everything we do, whether chores or schoolwork or what have you.  So, we had plenty of practice being hard workers with cheerful attitudes.  We definitely will continue to work on this for a long time, including me! :)  The other focus areas were Morocco, Bedouins, & camels.

Here, the kids are dramatizing a camel caravan across the  Sahara Desert.  Sam, below is the caravan leader with her salt "slabs" (just salt containers) loaded on her camel "coffee table w/ bean bag hump".  And above Jake is a caravan raider who is ready to raid the caravan and steal the goods...

but don't worry Leah is part of the Camel Corps that patrols the desert and lends aid to the caravans.  Doesn't she look fierce in her leotard?!  But either way she was successful in warding off the raider!  She saved the day!  Then they took turns playing the different parts. 
Fez, Morocco was our next lesson and how it was founded and named.  Then the kids got to make their own fez to wear using old plastic ice cream etc. containers and red felt.  We also located Morocco on the map and glued on a small red fez and a drew on a Moroccan flag.  The kids also made their own small flags for each of them to have one.

The kids also got to participate in their own Moroccan souk or bazaar where they each found things (aka dragging everything out from the whole house) for their own "shop" to trade or bargain with one another.  They especially liked it when I was the shopper since I really knew how to bargain and walk away if I didn't feel I was getting a good enough of a deal.  And if I did walk away from Jake's shop he would almost give the items away!

Another day we pretended to be nomadic Bedouins and first set up our tent under the kitchen table where they had mint tea and any guest who entered had to drink 4 cups of mint tea and were treated with hospitality.  They also got to do their regular schoolwork in the tent, which they thought was pretty cool! 

But since we were nomads we couldn't stay under the kitchen table tent all day, so they packed up and loaded up the animals and their next stop was....

A homemade tent in the livingroom.  This took a lot more work (good practice for this week) and more creativity.  But they are always up for this kind of challenge!

We are now in the midst of Week 4 and I will post that when we are done.  We technically already did Week 5  because I used that week for when we hosted our Geography Co-op (The Republic of the Congo) but we will revisit it again and go over the areas that we didn't get to since it was just for one day.

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  1. Oh this looks like so much fun!

  2. How much fun. I've been trying to figure out what units I want to cover next and Stewardship was one of them...



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