Thursday, August 1, 2013

KONOS: Honor - Tabernacle Wk 1

We really enjoyed learning about the tabernacle and I learned so much and it opened up so much more meaning to other parts of the Bible and it gave our kids a clearer picture of the purpose of all those Israelite offerings and sacrifices and how it all points to the greatest sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and how he has taken away all of our sins so that we can be in heaven with Him!  God certainly deserves honor from us!  It was a wonderful unit and I highly recommend it! 

After Christmas we started co-oping with another family for our KONOS units and we meet once a week every other week.  So, this was our first unit that we co-oped together on and it worked out really well!  We made oil lamps out of clay and yarn for wicks and tested different kinds of oil to discover which ones worked the best for lamps and learned a little history about olive oil since that is what the Israelites would have used.  We learned about different spices (and ground them with a mortar and pestle) that would have been used in the Israelite offerings and incense and we lit some incense sticks to see how they smelled.  And to cap it off we made some showbread which the kids thought was delicious! 
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