Thursday, April 24, 2014

KONOS: Determination - Oceans Week 3

The ocean continued to enthrall our kiddos!  There is just so much to learn about the ocean and the diverse life that lives there.  This week we learned about water pressure, coral and coral reefs, Jacques Costeau, and the Atocha (a Spanish galleon that sank with lots of gold, etc. that was found 300 some years later by a man named Mel Fisher that took him 16 years or so to find - talk about determination), among other things.  

Feeling the weight of water pressure.

The kids being "determined" to pile as many
  kids on top of one another as they can!

Another water pressure demonstration.  We also blew bubbles into our
 water higher up and lower in our cups to notice the difference.  

Edible Coral Polyps

Some of Mel Fisher's Treasure

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